RYU, HA KAI, KAN, DO, JUKU .... This is a list of different karate-do styles, whether they be full contact karate-do, traditional karate...


This is a list of different karate-do styles, whether they be full contact karate-do, traditional karate-do, or any other of style of karate-do originating from either Japan or Okinawa. These are all the styles that originated from Japan or Okinawa, not some non-Japanese, backward, name such as "Kung-chi-do", "Tai-chi-ken", or "Smith-ryu". Such names insult karate-do, because each name that is given to a karate-do style is either of the founder of a style, based on the principles of budo, and to name a training hall. Here is the list of all the styles of Karate:

Ashihara-Kai Chito-Kai Chito-Ryu Enshin Gensei-Ryu Goju-Kai Goju-Ryu Goju-Ryu(Yamaguchi-Ha) Goju-Ryu(Motoo Yamakura-Ha) Goju-Ryu(Seigokan) Goju-Ryu(IOGKF) Goju-Ryu(Meibukan) Goju-Ryu(Seibukan) Goju-Ryu(Jundokan) Goju-Ryu(Shoreikan) Goju-Ryu(Shodokan) Goju-Ryu(Gokenkan) Goju-Ryu(Shorei-Shobukan) Goju-Ryu(Komakai) Gosoku-Ryu Isshin-Ryu Keishinkan Keishinkan(Okinawa Seito-Ryu) Koei-Kan Kyokushin Kyokushinkai Kyokushinkan Motobu-Ryu Renbukai Ryuei-Ryu Ryobukai Seido Seidokan Seidokaikan Seishin-kai Shidokan Shindo Jinen-Ryu Shito-Kai Shito-Ryu Shito-Ryu(Hayashi-Ha) Shito-Ryu(Itosu-Kai) Shito-Ryu(Kotoka-Ha) Shito-Ryu(Kuniba-Ha) Shito-Ryu(Motobu-Ha) Shito-Ryu(Seito-Ha) Shito-Ryu(Tani-ha) Shorinji-Ryu Shorinji-Ryu(Sakugawa Koshiki) Shorinji-Ryu(Masayuki Hisataka) Shorin-Ryu(Kenshin-Kan) Shorin-Ryu(Kobayashi-Ha) Shorin-Ryu(Matsubayashi-Ha) Shorin-Ryu(Matsumura-Ha) Shorin-Ryu(Shobayashi) Shorin-Ryu(Shorin-Kan) Shotokai(Tetsuhiko Asai - JKS) Shotokan(Ray Dalke - AJKA) Shotokan(JKA) Shotokan(Tsutomu Ohshima - SKA) Shotokan(Kanazawa-Kai - SKIF) Shotokan(Keigo Abe - JSKA) Shotokan(Mikio Yahara - KWF) Shotokan(Teriuki Okazaki - ISKF) Shotokan(Masataki Mori - JKA SKI) Shotokan(Hidetake Nishiyama - ITKF) Shoto-Ryu(Gima-Ha) Shudokai Shudokan Shuko-kai Shuri-Ryu Uechi-Ryu Wado-Kai Wado-Ryu Washinkai Washin-Ryu Yoshukai Yoshikai

There are also styles of Kobudo, just only three lineages. This is the list of style of Kobudo: Yamani-Ryu style Shinpo Matayoshi style Shinken Taira style All weapon techniques and weapon katas were developed on Okinawa, however there is one style of kobudo that has been adopted to Japanese standards in the Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu Style, but still keeps the Okinawan lineage. This style of Kobudo is Kenshin-Ryu, developed by Teruo Hayashi.

****Please Note: If there is any more styles of karate-do of Japanese or Okinawan origin, I will update the list.****


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